STI-1492 – Anti-CD38 A2 KOKI DAR-T cells

STI-1492, a drug “Anti-CD38 A2 KOKI DAR-T cells”, contains the healthy donor derived T cells that have been genetically engineered by non-viral gene editing technology to express dimeric Fab structure of anti-CD38 antibody on the cell surface with 4-1BB and CD3 zeta intracellular signals for T cell activation. Additionally, the TCRa gene has been knocked out from the T cells. These DAR-T cells specifically recognize the CD38 antigen which is expressed at high levels on multiple myeloma (MM) cells. After infusion to patients, the Anti-CD38 A2 KOKI DAR-T cells exert their cytotoxicity on the CD38 high expressing tumor cells. Meanwhile, the DAR-T cells have no GvHD effect to patients due to the lack of TCR expression on those cells.

Phase I development in US for the treatment of patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma (RRMM).